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14 reviews
  • Shirley & James·

    Frank provided us an amazing tour of the school. His knowledge about the Montessori method was extensive, and he offered a lot of useful information along with great examples. Following the tour, we feel much more confident in the effectiveness of the Montessori approach for our daughter's learning journey. We hope our daughter will have the opportunity to attend this remarkable school.

  • Pat & Jasmine·

    Frank gave us a great tour of the beautiful property and school. He is extremely knowledgeable of the Montessori method and answered questions we didn’t even know we had! He is very open and easy to talk to, and it was so nice to be guided on the tour by someone as passionate as he is. Thank you for such a great tour.

  • Christine·

    What a lovely property! Frank was very knowledgable, enthusiastic, and receptive. He was waiting for us as soon as we pulled into the parking lot. Thank you for the hospitality!

  • Katya·

    Thank you for the tour, Frank! Our daughter loved the school & the outdoor area. The mini farm & garden are amazing!

  • Xin·

    The tour was guiding by Frank, and he was actually waiting outside, i love that whole place is blending with the nature, which allows kids get close to the nature. i love it.

  • Elizabeth Tomkins·

    I hope our children will get a chance to attend this beautiful school. What a wonderful place to learn.

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